The “You Oughta Know” About Tal Yardeni


                                                       (because a bio is so boring)


  • It’s pronounced Tal (not helpful at all, right?)

  • Born in Israel and raised in Key West (You can always find me on a beach, drinking from a large coconut and speaking Hebrew to my mother.)

  • Going to one college to get my training in acting/musical theatre sounded so predictable to me, so I went to three. FSU(GO NOLES), NYU, finishing out my degree at UCF.

  • You’ve seen me in concert at 54 Below. Might have been singing some Gaga, Florence and The Machine, or perhaps dressed as a ghost.

  • Traveling is everything to me. Some places to note are Hong Kong, Australia, Italy…  and as you read this, I’m probably planning my next trip.

  • I’ve been hailed as a “limitless performer full of promise,” “a chameleon to the genres” and a “powerhouse vocalist.” (These guys know how to make a girl feel good, ya know?)

  • Bacon is my spirit animal. I’ve even eaten bacon ice cream. It’s a thing. It’s next level delicious.

  • There’s something bigger than all of us out there that is running the show. So, just be on time and enjoy the ride. (That’s what I tell myself on a rainy Monday when the trains aren’t running and my umbrella broke 8 blocks back. It works! ;)



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